Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dangling Conversation

My Dangling Conversation is finished and blocked.

This is a sweet little pattern with plenty of options.  The shawl is crescent-shaped with mostly stockinette and a little bit of eyelet lace. This project is easy to pick up and put down . . . great for on-the-go knitting.

I plotted out the pattern to fit the Mini Lucia Gradients.  

My planning was on target, and I used up almost every bit of yarn.

I'll have the shawl on display this weekend at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.  You'll find me in one of the outside vendor areas.


Anonymous said...

What size needle did you use? Ty

Dirty Water DyeWorks said...

I used US 6 needles and worked the eyelet section with each color change. Contact me if you have more questions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!