Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Playing with Pockets

This is how my Wednesday is shaping up.

I've been trying to get my modern tunic off the needles, but I was stalled at the pockets.  Did I want pockets?  They are more decorative than utilitarian.  Could I resist the urge to shove my keys in them? When I finally decided that a couple little pockets would be a nice feature, I had to select a contrast color.  The yardage for this project is very tight, and I didn't want to get all the way to the top only to realize I was short on yarn because I added cute little pockets to the bottom.

Yesterday I got some color feedback on Instagram.  Thanks to everyone who weighed in.  I even sent my daughter a text late last night, but she was already asleep and didn't cast her vote in time.  I'm going with the gold.  Gray was a close second, but I resisted.

After the pocket linings are made, they are knit right into the sweater. Painless assembly.  I'm off to finish this construction project.

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