Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Looking for Traction

Most days forward progress is an elusive goal, so I'm realistic and set the bar pretty low.  If I'm spinning my wheels, it's a good day.  I figure eventually I'll gain traction and move forward.  The last couple days I haven't even been spinning my wheels.  I've been going in reverse.

The website shopping cart had been acting up for a few days.  Then yesterday my bank card didn't work at the ATM.  Something to do with the magnetic strip.  That, coupled with a list of errands, put me over the edge.

I came home and cast on something new.  I've had a few skeins hanging out in my work area . . . just waiting for an opportune moment. Yesterday was that moment.

In all fairness I needed a project that was more portable.  Most of my current projects can only be worked on when I'm at home.  This new project is just what I needed to take the edge off.

Website Update.  The shopping cart is working again.  It's new and improved, and I'm thrilled.  I never thought a virtual shopping cart could make my day, but this one has.

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