Friday, February 12, 2016

Just like the Picture

Some of this week's deadlines have fallen by the wayside, but I finished the birthday hat with time to spare.

Foxy from the Foxy and Wolfie duo.  I've done my part.  Harper's birthday party is tomorrow, and she will have a new hat.

This birthday party reminded me of the days when my kids were little. They would peruse cookbooks looking for the perfect birthday cake. Sometimes they would pick one with a beautiful glossy picture of a cake with intricate frosting details.  Fussy frosting is not my strong suit, so I would explain that I would make the cake but in the end it might not look like the picture.  I tried to soften the blow.  It can be a big disappointment when the cake your mother slaved over for hours doesn't look anything like the cake in the cookbook.

There I was knitting this hat and reminiscing about cakes and frosting. At one point I thought, this hat is going to be like one of those cakes that only vaguely resembles the picture.  All the pieces are there, but in the end they just don't come together for a pretty picture.  

I was tempted to stray from the pattern . . . just a little.  I reknit the first ear 3 times before I admitted I should follow the pattern. Sometimes knitting requires blind faith.  Follow the directions and don't ask questions.  That's all it took.  In the end I have a hat that looks just like the picture.

We got fresh snow this week, and that always puts me in a cheery mood.  This week's color inspiration . . . 

Winter white.

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