Monday, August 31, 2015

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

For all practical purposes, it's the last week of summer, and that means everyone is in vacation mode.  I, on the other hand, am in catch-up mode and have plans for a very productive week.  I have a theory that if everyone else is occupied, maybe I can work without interruption.

Since it's the last day of the month, it's high time for the August giveaway.  Leave a comment.  What activities do you have lined up for this last blast of summer?  What's in the works for your fall knitting?  Is there a pattern you're absolutely smitten with?  See below for an additional comment suggestion.  

Please include your Ravelry ID with your comment.  The winner, chosen at random, will receive a skein of Dirty Water DyeWorks 
yarn - winner's choice.  The contest will run through the holiday weekend and will close on Monday, September 7, 2015.

I'm starting my work week with a tough decision.

It's come down to these three buttons.  I had decided on one button, but I couldn't leave well enough alone.  I had to dig a little deeper in the button box, and now I've confused the situation.  Three choices, three different looks, all of them acceptable.  I'll probably do an informal poll of family and friends.  Feel free to weigh in if you have an opinion.


Anonymous said...

The top button ... definitely!

Khutli on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Top button!
I've started transitioning my knitting to fall projects. There's a pair of socks on the needles because my toes are starting to feel the cool morning and nights. After that, maybe a good hearty winter sweater. For now, I'm trying to enjoy the last of the summer without thinking too much about what is to come in a few months.
Christine (iownapaint)

Shanna said...

I definitely prefer the bottom, brown button. I like high contrast buttons and I love brown and green together (so nature-y!). The top button came in a close second, if you want to bring out more of the yellow tones of the yarn.

Lee said...

I vote for the bottom button! I'm looking forward to a few days off which hasn't really happened all summer and tomorrow is our twenty-fifth anniversary. As for the knitting, there are so many WIPs that need to get under control... It's what keeps me going, I guess! Thanks for another chance to win your lovely yarn! Mamagiff on ravelry

Elena McVicar said...

The bottom button pops so delightfully against that yarn! That's my vote. I'm working on my first feather and fan pattern and realized I somehow reversed my knits and purls so had to frog back at least ten reps. Ah well, live and learn! (nina1186 on Ravelry)

jensimoneau said...

I like the solid yellow button on the green. Pops!

Going to keep bicycling while the sun shines and knit down the fingering stash. Kals with friends are helping me keep motivated!


Theresa Merkling said...

Depends on whom the sweater is for, but really the yellow is the most fun choice.

End of summer - working on some stitch and dye projects of my own. Enjoying my time.

Lynne Chamallas said...

I'm working on. Y favorite entire lac baby blanket. It gets a lot of oohs & Arabs at a baby shower. Then it's into a cabled shawl for my mom who is always cold.

Personally I like the plain yellow button in the middle. It would look awesome! But who are you knitting this for? Child or adult, like maybe yourself?

Enjoy the last blast of summer!

Rav name : lamcham

Lynne Chamallas said...

Sometimes I don't like autocorrect. My favorite entrlac baby blanket. And it's oohs and aahs.

twotone said...

I like the bottom button. Love the contrast between the brown and the green, like bare branches peeking through greenery!

I'm working on socks and shawls, and procrastinating on casting on for some baby hats a friend.

twotone on Ravelry

annie said...

Middle button!

Going away for weekend to Catskills to spend time with bff knitting friend!
Working on several WIPs, and an MKAL shawl.

Thanks for chance to win beautiful yarn.

Margot Schips said...

Any button but the yellow one.

Fall knitting is mostly pullovers. I'm on a kick.

Happy End of Summer(can't bring myself to use the F-word yet)!

Emily said...

Top one! You can integrate the yarn's colors when you attach the button continuing the tweedy colors in the fiber.

Kirsten Hinkle said...

I have to say that my choice would be the top Button. The Yellow has a bit of a "darkness" that seems to pop a bit with the yarn you used.
Right now as Fall is coming in at a genital pace, I feel a bit frantic! Not really sure why. That's always the way, when you are trying to figure things out you can't and when it just doesn't seem to bother you, you know exactly what's up. That sounded a bit off, hope Ya'll get my meaning. I am trying to decide on the perfect fall sweater. There are so many wonderful Patterns and designs that impossible to decide.

I wish I wasn't so far from all the action and visit and classes. I'm just tucked into a little spot between the Blue Ridge and the Smokey Mountains. It's Beautiful but there are no yarn shops near. I am close to the Venue that hosts the South Eastern Wool and Fiber Festival in Mid-October/ Asheville Airport, in North Carolina. Ya'll have a great Fall!

Kristi Elkner said...

Bottom Button! It has "ummph"

The turn of the end of summer marks dahlia season in our husband shows dahlias competitively and now the babying begins! (for the flowers, that is!) Our backyard is awash in colors, stakes and umbrellas (did you know if you put an umbrella over the dark colored flowers, it keeps the sun from fading out the best blooms?) I'm transportation. But I do reap the benefits by getting beautiful bouquets of the left-overs all fall. And the colors provide ample inspiration for knitted projects.

I started my list of knitted gifts I hope to accomplish...I'd better get started!


Jane Calvin said...

Bottom button - really pops. I wish the Harvest and Fiber Festival was this weekend, but guess I'll have to wait until the 19th and will hopefully see some Dirty Water Works skeins up close then. Glad to see your yarn at the Fiber Loft in Harvard.

Looking forward to a family trip to a lobster shack this weekend. Otherwise, getting started on the Maple Leaf Shawl by Maria Magnusson. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!


Dari Trout said...

This is my 'deep breath' time. Relax from busy, look forward to cozy. Knit like crazy. I like the top button choice. dktrout on ravelry.

beth jillette said...

I like the top button ultimately you have to love it.😊 love fall. I miss New Hampshire in the Arizona at least it means the weather will start to dip below 100 degrees.

sbp said...

I would use the top button if it was for my grand kids, but for me, the bottom one.
I am starting my grandson's birthday sweater, a simple pull over with an intarsia car on the front, he will be 2. And Thanksgiving hats, I make one for all the grand kids.
spalcic on ravelry

NicoleS said...

My vote's for the bottom button.

Once again, work is pretty much the only activity I have lined up. For knitting, I haven't completed anything in a while but I need to do a baby project - ideally a sweater but it might end up having to be a hat or booties just because of my lack of spare time.

NicoleS on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I like the top button!

Maomama05 said...

Middle button gets my vote :) Last plans for the remainder of summer are getting in as much kayaking as possible on the Galien River (in New Buffalo MI). As for fall knitting -

1. Finishing Sideswipe socks - Kate Gilbert
2. Finishing Herrington cowl - Jill Zilinski
3. Finishing Ingot - Lisa Mutch
3. Continuing work on my Seraphine wrap - Lucy Sweetland
4. Beginning a pair of Michele's Mittens - Sarah H Arnold

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lisa B.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I've got two WIPs, a sweater that needs sleeves, a sweater that needs facing for the collar and zipper bands, and we've been having such really warm to really hot weather that I can't get into either, or anything else - I hate knitting with damp palms - yuchh. I like the top button. KittenWhiplash on Rav. Thanks.