Monday, August 3, 2015

Loose Ends

On Friday night I finished knitting a sock.  It was late and my eyes were tired, so I decided to save the Kitchener stitch for morning.

Fast forward to Monday morning, and my sock is still on the needles. It would have taken me all of 5 minutes to close that toe.  Oh, summer.  The season of impromptu gatherings with family and friends. Since I didn't get this sock off the needles over the weekend, it's near the top of today's to-do list.

But first things first . . . wrapping up the July giveaway.  Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.  The common thread is knitting in front of the TV and having a designated knit night with friends.  Many of you are also knitting just a few rows here and there.  It all adds up.
I must confess I'm in the same camp as Lee when she says, "I have been known to even pull it out at a red light to help calm me!"

Congratulations to Laura.  She's the July winner.  As an aside Laura is traveling to Akron this month and is looking for yarn store suggestions. Give a holler if you have any recommendations.  

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