Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Digging Deeper

Well, my Washington Square project is stalled.  Again.  So far my yarn search hasn't uncovered the missing skein.  At this point I'm not even sure it exists.  In the process of hunting, I did empty a basket that contained a random collection of odd balls and yarn that I had selected for a mitten project . . . a good reminder that winter is coming and I could use more mittens.

I thought my stash was pretty well organized, but this search has turned into a good excuse to dig a little deeper.  I'm not feeling defeated.  Today I need to give the house a quick tidy - notice the operative word quick - and I hope that momentum will carry over to the yarn search.

It might be time to entertain the notion of a Plan B.  My theory is that if I have another option brewing, the missing yarn will turn up.  While I consider the options, I can work on this.

Flaming Desire, the second sock.  There are plenty of other projects in the works, and I'm not going to sit idle waiting for a skein of yarn to surface.

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