Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Math and History

It's raining cats and dogs, and it's so dark I'm surprised the street lights aren't on.  The photos I had planned for today will have to wait. Instead, today is a good day for a few random bits and pieces.

~ Knitting and math go hand in hand . . . from simple row counts to more complex charts and stitch counts.  KnitYak has taken the combination of knitting and math to another level with a knitting machine and algorithmic computer generated designs.  Read about the one-of-a-kind scarves KnitYak wants to produce.

~ I love all kinds of history but especially anything that has to do with the history of knitting.  Here's a story on Shetland . . . wool, yarn, weaving and the world's fastest knitter.  It's the story of the textile industry on the island - what it was and how it's changed.

~ More on Shetland and history.  Taatit rugs were originally used as bedcovers - beautiful works of art with a practical use.  These rugs are steeped in folklore and a connection to Scandinavian countries.  It's a fascinating story.

That's it for your daily dose of math and history.  Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north.  

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Donna Smith said...

Thank you for your link to my blog post on the Taatit Rugs exhibition! I agree, textile history is fascinating.