Friday, July 10, 2015


It's always good to have a Plan B.  This week I've been running around a lot, carrying my knitting with me wherever I go.  My Flaming Desire socks have been getting my undivided attention.  You know how it is when you get into a groove with a project and want to see it through to completion.  

The other day I was out and about and waiting for one of the kids.  I was working away on my sock and didn't mind the wait time.  I reached the bottom of page 7 and was about to flip to page 8 when it happened.  There wasn't a page 8 to flip to.  I sorted through the stack of pattern pages to see if it was out of place.  It wasn't.  Then I emptied my bag to see if it had fallen to the bottom.  It hadn't.

Earlier in the week I was taking only the socks to work on when I was out of the house - remember I wanted to finish them - but by midweek I came to my senses and tossed another project in my bag . . . just in case.  My general rule is to carry at least 2 projects, but I had gotten lazy, and it was nice carrying a lighter bag.  

When page 8 went missing, I still had plenty of waiting time on my hands, so I'm glad I tossed that second project in the bag.  I'm on a roll with Purpleplexy and am starting the third set of stripes.  Now to see if I can keep the momentum going on both projects.  I still need to find page 8 . . . 

My kitchen is a hodgepodge of mismatched items collected from yard sales and thrift stores.  This matching set almost looks out of place. My color inspiration for the week . . . 

According to the box it's caribbean.  

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