Friday, July 17, 2015

Calendar Update

When anyone in the family asks about my travel schedule, I remind them they can find all the details on my website.  There's a lot of coming and going in my household, and this is an easy way for everyone to know where I am.

The other day my daughter was planning her fall schedule, and since it hinges somewhat on mine, she went to the website to check my calendar.  There she discovered I hadn't posted my fall show schedule, and she let me know she couldn't make her plans until she knew mine.  Life for a teenage girl can be trying.  In all fairness  I thought I had already updated the list, but apparently I had only posted through June.  

To bring everything current and to keep peace in the house, I updated the Events page to the end of the year.  You'll find the same information in the right sidebar.  Fall is a crazy busy time, and this year is no exception.  There's not a lot of wiggle room in my schedule, and I'm looking forward it.

This week I've been tempted by several new knitting projects, but so far I've managed to stay monogamous.  

I might fall off that wagon this weekend, but for now Purpleplexy is getting all my attention.  There's another set of ends to weave in . . . a sure sign that I'm making progress.

Miles and miles of garter.

My color inspiration for this week . . . 

Hot pink.

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