Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let's Make a Deal

It's the middle of July, and all I can think about are sweaters.  All kinds of sweaters . . . colorwork and cables, cardigans and pullovers, short sleeves and long sleeves, buttons and zippers.  You would think that in the middle of summer I would be looking at something cool, airy and light.  No.  Instead I'm thinking ahead to the weather that awaits us.

I've been contemplating a new sweater . .  . maybe Rhinebeck, maybe not.  I've been resisting full-blown startitis, and a new sweater would definitely take the edge off.  Before I got too deep in plotting and planning a new sweater project, I stumbled across this.

Washington Square.  I set it aside for one reason or another when life intervened and didn't pick it up again.  The sweater is already assembled.  All I need to do is finish the yoke and add button bands. I love picking out buttons, so that doesn't even count as work.  This sweater won't satisfy my startitis, but I made a deal with myself.  I can start a new sweater if I finish this one first.  Fair enough.

Speaking of sweaters, signups are still open for Yarn Knot.  

The first installment is a sweater's worth of yarn . . . maybe Rhinebeck, maybe not.  No pressure.  It ships next month. Follow the link for details.

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