Friday, March 20, 2015

On the Other Side

Knitters often comment that color changes keep a project interesting. It's entertaining to watch the colors shift and that movement keeps the project chugging along.  It's easy to get caught up in the knitting because you want to see how the next color plays out.

I've had a bit of that going on with my Spectral.  I have plenty of other knitting in the works, but this project has been getting more than its fair share of attention.  

This isn't a black and white shot - I'm working with shades of gray. I've crossed the halfway point.  I just finished the lightest section in the middle and am working my way back to dark.

This has been a week with extra meetings, and Spectral travels well. That probably accounts for some of the progress, but I've also been caught up in moving from one shade of gray to another.  It's been mesmerizing and relaxing.

This week's color inspiration is a good balance to all the gray.

A bright burst of sunshine.

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NicoleS said...

What a sunshiny lily!