Friday, March 6, 2015

A Wacky Week

I don't know how we made it to Friday already, but here we are.  I went into the week thinking it would be quiet and low key with plenty of time to catch up on everything I had let slide over the last couple weeks.  I even had visions of afternoon coffee and knitting with a friend.

Instead my week eroded into all kinds of crazy with each day more chaotic than the previous one.  Early in the week my daughter's birthday celebration fell by the wayside due to over scheduling and too much homework.  The homework is her doing - not mine.  We're going to make good this weekend with a do-over party and her favorite cake.

Later in the week, I was 15 minutes into a texting chat with my brother when it dawned on me it was his birthday.  We have a lot of March birthdays in my family, but I have the dates permanently stamped in my memory banks.  Thank goodness I remembered and wished him Happy, Happy before we signed off. 

I had extra meetings and appointments that really should have been scheduled over a month, but I somehow managed to cram them into one week.  Originally I thought all those meetings would count for bonus knitting time, but in the end, those meetings didn't include anything close to knitting. 

I'm going to blame all the crazy on the impending full moon.

Now that we're on the other side of that full moon, I can get down to business.

I found this week's color inspiration in the store and knew I had to buy them.  Kumquats.  

I have fond childhood memories associated with kumquats.  My aunt's sewing room, where I learned to sew, was painted with a colorway called kumquat.  We often referred to the sewing room as the kumquat room.  It was a cozy, magical space filled to capacity with assorted fabrics, buttons, bobbins and notions.  The ironing board was always out, and the sewing machine was always ready.

Today, whenever I see kumquats, I'm reminded of that sewing room and endless hours of creative making.

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