Monday, March 16, 2015

Camp and Crawl

I spent the weekend hopping from one fiber event to another - so many interesting people, so many thoughtful conversations.  There were several discussions I would like to continue . . . food for thought.

In spite of setting up and tearing down my display a couple times, I did manage to get a fair amount of knitting done.  I'll save those pictures for another day, but here's a glimpse of my whirlwind weekend.


The fashion show.

North Shore Yarn Crawl, trunk show at Seed Stitch.

The official Yarn Crawl Shawl.  In case you're interested, the pattern is Grapefruit Brulee.

From the knitting archives, the no-size knitting kit.  I'm not quite sure how this works, but it's an interesting concept.

Needless to say after a weekend full of creativity and inspiration, Monday seems pretty mundane.

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Anonymous said...

I got many beautiful skeins of Lillian and Petite Clara at Yarns in the Farms and Seed Stitch thanks to the Yarn Crawl. I'm in love with BFL :)