Friday, October 17, 2014

There Had to Be at Least One

Yesterday I was in the homestretch - labeling the last few skeins, loading the truck and assembling kits.  Everything was coming together right on schedule.  I should have taken that as a sign because it's rare I can pull it all together without at least one glitch.

I was working on the Sweet Bunting Kit when it happened.  I had the sweater yarn all twisted up.  When I went to the kit bin to grab the bunting yarn, the glitch reared its ugly head.  The cute little skeins of contrast yarn were nowhere in sight.   I emptied the bin and searched high and low - no little skeins.  

I try to have these skeins on hand at all times, but apparently when I used the last ones, I didn't make a note to dye more.  And now I had kits that needed them.

There was only one solution - dye more little skeins.

And so I did.  Two quick dye pots.  The yarn was in and out and in front of a fan in no time . . . the fast track.  

Now the kits are assembled, and I'm almost ready to hit the road.  I hope that was the only glitch I have to deal with because time is tight.

This week's color inspiration is as much about sunlight and shadows as it is about color.

Shades of autumn.

If you can't make it to Rhinebeck and want to get in on the gift certificate giveaway, see the Rhinebeck thread in my Ravlery group.

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