Friday, October 24, 2014

Running Short . . . Again

I've been bouncing back and forth between a couple knitting projects. They're both on the same deadline, and I'm anxious for them to be off the needles.  In some twisted way I've convinced myself they'll be finished quicker this way - a few rows of one, a few rounds of the other.  In reality this back and forth provides a little variety and keeps me from getting bored - nothing else.

Yesterday I came to grips with the fact that I'll probably run out of yarn on one of the projects.  I saw this coming a few days ago, but I knit on.  I told myself I was knitting on the outside of the ball, and the yardage was probably more substantial than it seemed.  That rationale lasted only a short while.

This running out of yarn business has become a bad habit - one I need to break myself of.  I have knitter friends who routinely run short on yarn, and it's come to be expected of them.  Up until now I've managed to avoid this curse.  I'll have to start padding my yardage at the beginning of a project.  Maybe that will get me back on track.

With one week left in October (how did that happen?!?), my electronic alert system worked like a charm, and I am back on track with the monthly giveaway.  Leave a comment with an update on your knitting projects.  Are you considering holiday knitting?  If you've been to any of the fall fiber festivals, what did you find most inspiring?  

Please include your Ravelry ID for easy contact.  The winner, chosen at random, will receive a skein of yarn from Dirty Water DyeWorks - winner's choice. The contest closes on Friday, October 31, 2014.

My color inspiration this week is one more glimpse of Rhinebeck.

Until next year . . . 


'M' said...

I haven't been to any fall festivals but I am considering knitting my sister a shawl and my mom a pair of socks for Christmas. My ravelry ID is Michelle71.

shortoldlady said...

I WILL make my personal goal of 24 hats for the Hats for Sailors program. Just have one more to finish - it's been slowly worked on AT work. Then - more hats!
Rav ID is shortoldlady56

Judy11 said...

Went to Rhinebeck and had a chance to chat with you. Still looking for the name of your pattern that I wanted.

About to start 2 large afghans for the grandsons. They both chose the colors (and not their usual choices.) So I am in for a large expanse of black for one ahead of me. Getting back to knittiing after 3 hand/thumb surgeries-yeah!

Rav: Judy11

Anonymous said...

I'm contemplating some gift knitting, but it's still just in the contemplation stage. Might happen, might not. Might decide to cast on the day before the holiday! Rav: iownapaint

APlanet4Creation said...

I live in AZ and there are very few fiber festivals. I hope to make it for Maryland Sheep & Wool in 2015

Anonymous said...

For the past 9 years I have gone to Rhinebeck and it never fails to renew and inspire me.
I want to make more gifts for Christmas this year. I started early,so I am hopefully. Making cowls, cowls and more cowls plus hats and fingerless gloves.
Right now I am making the Rikke hat and East End arm warmers using your Marie yarn in piglet.

NicoleS said...

I'm falling behind on my knitting goals this month - I've got a couple of pairs of socks on the needles, but I'm not getting very much done. I'm still in the process of adjusting to having a full time job again, so I hope eventually to figure out how to fit the knitting in (better task lighting would help, I think, since it gets dark pretty early here at this time of year).

I'm NicoleS on Ravelry.

MarthaMousie said...

I'm knitting a Trimmings CustomFit. Finished my second pair of socks, though!

Sarah (aka LilyD on ravelry) said...

Just finished color affection. I'm in love with it, but now feeling unsettled that I don't have another large-ish project on the needles. Of course I do have some socks to take the edge off

amchart said...

I'm thinking socks for my kids' for Christmas. Better get started!

Sheila said...

I finished my socktober socks, need to photograph them and make a project page on Rav today.

I'm thinking of making some cotton market bags as Xmas presents, will be running by my LYS today to see if they still have the cotton for them on sale.

SheilaOKeefe on Rav

Marilyn a.k.a. Merry said...

While it wasn't a fiber festival, I did make it to a Canadian knitting retreat in Southampton last month. We had classes and yarn shopping and hanging with friends. It was a total blast.

As for knitting, I'm beginning to feel stressed about my Christmas knitting despite starting last February. I have 3 pair of socks to go and 2 are OTN so I need to chill out and enjoy them. Easier said than done. : )

Wahoomerryf on Ravelry

Drae said...

I have yet to attend a fiber festival but was able to attend Vogue Knitting Live and was thrilled with all the indie dyers I had not heard of - definitely got my creative juices flowing for some fall knitting.