Monday, October 27, 2014

The Big Race

This has been a fall for training . . . training for a half marathon.

My daughter, Estrella*, followed a strict workout regimen to prepare for running a half marathon.  Her training program included diet, working out at the gym and running many, many miles.  Rain or shine, she was diligent in keeping to her training schedule.  And yesterday it all paid off.

Race day.  

Estrella had run several shorter races, but this was the big one . . . 13.1 miles.  Last week she was a little nervous.  Maybe she wouldn't be able to finish the race.  There was even a crazy dream where she missed the race completely. 

In spite of everything, she was confident she was ready.

Before we knew it, she was off and running with the pack, and I had a solid 2 hours to kill.  As any good knitter would, I came prepared with a couple options to while away the time.

I decided to work on my newest project, Hoarfrost.  I had a good start on the body of the cowl and wanted to finish it before the end of the race.

I did.  Now I'm working the border back and forth and attaching it to the live body stitches.  

Back and forth, back and forth on just a few stitches.  The border is deceptive.  It should be quick and easy, but it always takes longer than I think.  I've had plenty of knitting training.  I should know better by now.

As for Estrella and her race, she finished without a problem, and her time was what she thought it would be.  It must have been all that training.

*In case you're wondering, Estrella is Spanish for star and is pronounced Eh-STRAY-Yuh.


Pat's here said...

Congratulations, Estrella - well done!

Anonymous said...

Good for her! Congrats!

Tactile Travel said...

Hurray for large chunks of Sunday knitting time! Hurray Estrella! And to think, I ran my first half marathon on Sunday as well... but in Newburyport.

And no, I didn't run and knit at the same time as was suggested in various circles!