Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Connection

We're in the process of changing our internet carrier, and it's been every bit the hassle I had envisioned and then some.  It's frightening to think we've become so dependent on this ever-present force.

This has been a good opportunity to assess just how much time everyone spends online.  The kids have been at a loss without internet service.  They've found other ways to keep themselves occupied, and I have a list of long-neglected household chores for anyone who complains too loudly.  

My time without the computer has been easier to fill.  The hardest part is deciding which knitting project will get my attention.  Since I'm on borrowed internet service right now, pictures will have to wait.  If all goes according to plan, our internet should be up and running later in the week.  And if not, I have plenty of knitting to keep me occupied.

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