Friday, September 26, 2014


I'm wrapping up the week on a positive note with a finished project. This one was long overdue.  In fact this project was almost finished a couple times, so it felt good to finally get it off the needles.


A while back, this shawl was put on hold because I ran out of yarn. When I finally sorted that out, I picked the project up only to discover something else had gone awry.

I had worked too far on this section.

Once I had remedied that situation, I buckled down.  It was time to show this project who was boss.

There's nothing like the challenge of a project that's fighting back.  I was determined to finish this shawl one way or another, so I sat down and didn't get up until it was done.

For all its trials and tribulations, I really did enjoy knitting this shawl. Stripes are so simple.  They brighten my day and are fun to make.

The yarn is Paula, Dirty Snow and Gourd. 

Dirty Snow is one of those goes-with-almost-anything, versatile contrast colors.  I'm sure I'll be using it again for another 2-color adventure.

Intense colors often grab my attention . . . like this week's color inspiration.

Bold with a splash of bright.

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