Monday, September 22, 2014

Buy Local

Over the weekend I spent a couple days hanging out at stops along the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl.  The atmosphere was relaxed with plenty of time for chatting and knitting.

Yarn shops have different looks and personalities.  Here's a glimpse of the two shops I visited.

The Black Sheep Knitting Co.

Mentolat.  It's very striking and has been all the rage at the shop.

Lovely yak yarn.

And take a look at this.

A bracelet made from a knitting needle . . . Smashed Knitting Needle Bracelet.  Follow the link to see more smashed metal creations.

JP Knit & Stitch

In addition to yarn, this shop also features fabric - bolts and bolts of gorgeous color with plenty of sewing ideas.

When I was there, a pillow making class was in session.

And if you don't want to take a class, it's also a great place to hang out.

I love show and tell when I'm on the road, and Chris brought in a beautiful Zephyr Cove.

She used Paula, Dirty Snow and Moon Shadow.  I've been contemplating this exact color combination, and now I'm even more tempted.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  The crawl was a great reminder to get out and support your local shop, and it was encouraging to see so many people make an effort.  Your yarn shop is a great resource. Don't forget to buy local.

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