Friday, July 18, 2014

Warning Sign

When I can't rattle off the names of all my active knitting projects, I might be in trouble.  A few days ago I was considering another new project and couldn't find the right needles - even though I have duplicates of many sizes and a couple interchangeable sets.  I decided it was time to clean up a few loose ends.  

One of my "loose ends" is Washington Square.  I've been working my way up the yoke.  I'll start decreasing soon, and that usually kicks the knitting into high gear.  After that I have to knit the button band and graft the underarms.  That's it.  I'm close to the finish line . . . so close that I decided to consider button options.

As I was sifting and sorting through my button collection, I realized I don't have enough of any one button.  I guess I'll have to go button shopping.  

Since I already had my buttons out, I used it as an opportunity to try different colors.  Right now I'm leaning toward something yellow as opposed to the more neutral tones, but you never know.  I might come home with something altogether different.

This week's color inspiration is a variation on the yellow-orange-red theme. 

Colorful carrots.

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