Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I realize it's summer - that time of year when schedules and routines go by the wayside - but the last few days have been extra topsy turvy. After a mad dash early this morning that included a frantic stop for coffee (why is the line always so long when I'm most desperate?), I decided to pull over at a favorite park.  I could enjoy my coffee, knit a couple rows and take a deep breath.

I found a nice spot in the shade and pulled out my knitting only to discover this.

No needles.  Instead of needles, both ends of the cable had stoppers to keep the stitches from jumping off.  Usually I love my interchangeable needles, but this morning I had a few choice words for them.  As soon as I saw the stoppers, I remembered that the needles were in use on another project. I could even visualize the project just as I had left it, sitting on a dining room chair.

No, there wasn't any knitting in the park, but I did enjoy my coffee.  

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