Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Socks to the Rescue

One of the benefits of juggling multiple knitting projects is that when one creates chaos and confusion, you can simply set it aside and pick up another one.  Such was the case over the weekend when my Itineris went wonky.  Eventually I did get the wayward shawl back on track but not without a little break from the stripes.

And that little break was productive. 

Longjohn Sock by Anne Hanson.  This design is knits and purls with a simple 4-row repeat that makes it an easy on-the-go project.  The finished fabric is cushy and elastic, and I'm sure this pair will get plenty of wear.  The yarn is Lucia, colorway Tomato Soup . . . part of an effort to add more red socks to my collection.

Disregard the healthy weeds growing in the pot.  My green thumb is confused.

Since this is the Summer of Socks, I didn't delay in casting on another pair.

Captain Hastings.  More knits and purls - this time the traveling kind.

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