Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's a Conspiracy

Earlier this fall I polled family members to find out what everyone wanted in the way of holiday handknits.   While I enjoy knitting for everyone, I only want to make things that will actually be put to good use.  It was also my feeble attempt to avoid a last minute knitting crunch.  I received a couple requests.  I had hoped more would opt for made-with-love handknits, but a light workload in the holiday knitting department has some advantages.
Yesterday a cold winter wind was blowing, and my knitting situation changed.  One son, who earlier said he didn't need anything, admitted the weeks and months ahead would be more comfortable with warm wool.  He asked for a pair of fingerless mitts.  "Are you sure you don't want full mittens?" I asked.  No, fingerless would be enough.  The other part of the request?  The mitts have to have individual fingers, and they have to be made with sock weight yarn. 

We looked at patterns, talked about colors, hatched a plan.  I didn't delay and got right to work.  Since it's already the second week of December, it's reassuring if the project is at least on the needles.  

It's a good thing I started because later in the day another son made the same request.  Hmmmm . . . two sons who want identical mitts.  I smell a conspiracy.

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