Monday, December 9, 2013

Shhhh . . .

Don't tell.  My daughter's birthday cowl is finished.

She requested it but didn't actually see me working on it, so I hope there's at least an element of delight when she gets it.  For some reason my kids don't realize they can track my movements via the blog.

The pattern is Dovetail Cowl

The knitting goddess must have been watching over me, because I didn't slosh one sip of coffee on this almost-white yarn.

You might remember that I made this pattern once before.  This time around I had to make the pattern fit the skein of yarn my daughter selected.  I fiddled with the numbers to make it all work.

In the end it was close but not I'm-going-to-run-out-of-yarn close.  I had 11 grams left - a comfortable cushion.  The yarn tag has vanished, and I can't remember the name.  That will teach me to tidy my desk.

Now I'm off to the kitchen.  The birthday girl has requested chocolate cheesecake for her celebration.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Whoa! Gorgeous cowl! Happy birthday to the cowl's new owner! :-)

Anonymous said...

perfect yarn for a lovely pattern

Jill L