Friday, December 27, 2013

Swatching for Answers

We're on the other side of the holiday, and I have mixed feelings.  On one hand, it's liberating.  I don't have to focus any more attention on holiday preparations.

On the other hand, I have to face all the work I let slide while I was getting ready for the holiday.  I see a mountain of paperwork and plenty of dyeing in my weekend forecast.

Before I get back to work, I've cut myself some slack for a couple days.  Like little kids who have been forced to sit still for too long, I have a long list of new knitting projects waiting to be set free.

I'm anticipating a rapid succession of new projects on the needles.  

First up is a sweater.  I've been considering two or three patterns but can't seem to pick one.  Since I can't make up my mind, I've switched my attention to the yarn.

Maybe if I do a little swatching first, all will be revealed.

This week's color inspiration mirrors my swatch and the season.

Brilliant red.

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