Monday, December 23, 2013

Endless Ends

I knew this day was coming . . . the day for weaving in ends. 

The Pop Up Paws are finished except for the mitten flaps.  Before the flaps can be worked, all these ends have to be cleaned up.  There isn't any magic to help tidy up this mess.  I just need to pick up the darning needle and have at it.  

In all fairness the pattern suggests weaving in the ends as each finger is finished.  I made a conscious decision to ignore that suggestion, and now I'm paying the price.  We won't mention that I have 2 more pairs of fingerless mitts waiting in the wings.  If you're keeping score, that's 20 more fingers and a whole jumble of ends.

On the bright side there is a bit of magic happening in the kitchen.  I don't dare go in there for fear of breaking the spell.

Elves have taken over.  The baking kind.

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