Friday, September 13, 2013

On Being The Boss

Being my own boss has many advantages.  I have a lot of flexibility and set my own schedule.  I can work long days or short days.  I'm sure you can see this isn't always an advantage, but it does give me plenty of options.  

I get to make all the decisions.  Usually I enjoy that part of the job, unless the decisions are hard.  I've had plenty of hard decisions lately. That's when I don't like being the boss.

The last couple days I cut myself some slack in the dyeing department.  I'm the boss, so I get to make that decision.  Summer returned with a vengeance, and I decided I wasn't going to add to the heat and humidity with long days of dyeing.  Besides I had enough other work - bookkeeping, labeling, winding.  OK, I may have given myself a little extra knitting time.  Just a little.

Today it's rainy and cozy.  It's a perfect day for knitting, but I have to put the needles down.  In addition to everything else that needs attention, I have to pack for tomorrow's trip to Portland.  It's a nice reminder that sometimes the decisions are easy.

I discovered this week's color inspiration in some dry bushes.  It's a lovely color combination.

Eggplant and olive.

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