Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On The Go

With my thrummed mitten temporarily sidelined, I had no choice but to start a new project.  I hated to leave the mitten high and dry, but in the long run it's a good thing.  I have a lot of running around to do this week, and a thrummed mitten doesn't make a very good traveling project.

On the needles . . . more handwear.

Doric Mitts by Becky Herrick.  This mitt is moving right along, and I'm almost finished with the thumb gusset.  The design is reverse stockinette worked on the wrong side.  When this is finished, I'll flip it inside out.

When I set aside the thrummed mitten, I realized I don't have many projects in progress.  I don't know how that happened, but I'm sure I can remedy the situation.  I'm tempted to start a new shawl.  The only thing holding me up is I can't decide on the color.  Then there's a sweater pattern I need to revisit and another pair of socks waiting for me to dye the yarn.  This project drought won't last much longer.

In the last few days I've read a couple of very insightful blog posts. Jill Draper wrote a thought provoking post about Labor Day, the US economy and being a conscientious consumer.  On a related note, Abby Glassenberg raises some good questions in her post on the meaning of handmade.  It's a complicated puzzle without easy answers.  Food for thought.

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