Friday, September 6, 2013

Adding To The Pile

I started the day with a reality check from my husband.  "It looks like you're behind in your dyeing."  If he thinks I'm behind, I'm more behind than I thought I was.  It's time to pick up the dyeing pace.

But in the "look what I have accomplished" department, I finished two lingering knitting projects.  Not one.  Two.

Granted, they were both well underway and they're both small, but there's nothing like empty knitting needles to give me a little boost. Sometimes I have to create my own positive feedback and finishing projects is a great way to do it.

Doric Mitts.

I know it's not a pair.  This is a booth sample and I only need one mitt, but I started it just the other day, and now it's in the finished pile.

Some day I do want to make a pair for myself if I ever have time for self-indulgent knitting again.

This design features reverse stockinette worked on the wrong side for minimal purling.  The yarn is Oma's Organic, Peat Moss.  One skein equals a pair.  Not to instill any panic, but these mitts would make a nice gift item if you're thinking ahead.

Also featuring Oma's Organic . . . 

Woodstacking Cowl in Byzantium.  Last year I made this cowl in a different color to give it a test run.  I liked it so much I decided to make it a regular feature. The fabric is full of depth and texture . . . cushy comfort.  This is another one skein project that knits up quickly.

Since I finished two projects, I feel fully justified in starting something new, but I'll save that for later in the weekend.  My husband is right. It's time to jump-start the dye pots.

I've already noticed some leaves changing color, so when I found this hidden in a hedgerow, it caught me by surprise.  It had to be my color inspiration for the week.

Soft pink.

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