Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Will Do

Last weekend I came home from my day trip to Portland feeling inspired to work with spring-like colors.  Many of the knitters who came to the yarn tasting were searching for a hint of spring - something cheery, something to chase away the remnants of winter.

I find it interesting how the seasons affect our color choices.  Many times people choose colors to match the season - rich, intense colors for fall and winter; light, bright colors for spring and summer.  I guess it's no different than the way people eat with the seasons - heavier foods in fall and winter, lighter fare in spring and summer.

I went in search of spring-colored yarn and may have gone a bit overboard.  I had half a dozen skeins that were all calling me.  It was time for my quirky selection process - a combination of what colors haven't I worked with recently and what colors do I really like right now.  In the end I narrowed it down to two.

That may have been the easy part because now I need projects to go with the yarn.  Which do you choose first - the yarn or the project?

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