Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breaking The Rule

Sometimes I have to hit the pause button on a knitting project.  

That's where I am with Low Tide.  I'm closing in on the bottom edge and can't decide if I want to finish it off as written or maybe do something a little different.  I thought checking other Low Tide projects on Ravelry would give me some insight, but my research findings are inconclusive.

This is a booth sample.  My self-imposed rule is to make the sample the way the pattern is written, but I'm toying with the idea of breaking my rule.  Just this once.  

While I debate the situation, there's time to consider a bit of  . . . 


~ We're starting to see signs of spring all around.  Snow piles are melting, and I've heard rumors of crocus in bloom.  Flowers are a sure sign that the seasons are changing, so why not include a few of the yarn variety?  Fork flowers require two ingredients - a fork and some yarn.  The instructions say the project is suitable for ages 4 - 12, but I'm certain it would be just as entertaining for adults.

~ I love to leaf through the pages of Wild Fibers.  The magazine is informative and shares a glimpse of fiber in faraway, remote places. For a look at the behind-the-scenes printing of the magazine, check out this interesting video.

~ Knitting and numbers.  Knitting is all about numbers in so many different ways.  If you appreciate numbers, take a look at the latest from Bristol Ivy for a new spin on statistics - The State of the Stock(inette) Market.  Over a two week period Bristol compiled statistics on garment type, fabric type, yarn type, color and how garments were modeled based on the "Hot Right Now" patterns on Ravelry.  It's interesting stuff, and I can't wait for the next installment.

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