Friday, March 15, 2013

Old And New

Spring is coming even though it doesn't feel like it today.  I stepped out in the yard, and in less than three minutes I lost all feeling in my fingers.  That will teach me to leave my mittens on the counter.

It may not be spring outside, but I've been brewing up a bit of spring in the dye pots.

The run of events and festivals will be starting soon, and it's fun to have fresh colors to take along for the ride.

Sometimes I go back and look at colorways that have been on hiatus. Sometimes I recycle a colorway from one yarn base to another.

This is a favorite colorway from Mavis that I decided to give a trial run in Lillian.  

And I love it paired with this new blue.

Maybe I can come up with a project for the duo.  I'll have to let that idea simmer while I'm busy with the dye pots.

A fresh, ripe avocado . . . bright and cherry.  My color inspiration this week.

Yellow-green surrounded by a bright green border.

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