Friday, December 28, 2012

Hurry, Hurry

Knitting holiday gifts can be hectic.  It seems there's always a mad dash to finish one project just so you can cast on the next one. There's not enough time to savor the knitting details and nuances.

In the midst of my holiday knitting I was thrilled to finish the Felted Clogs, but I was sad to see one project come to an end.

This is Brooklet under construction.  I'll admit that the stockinette section was a slow go.  I should have parked myself in front of a good movie, but instead I was knitting this on-the-go and it didn't seem to move along quickly enough.  But once I hit the lace, the pace picked up.

The lace pattern was easy to memorize.  Unlike most lace repeats this one could be worked at knit night and other social settings.

I checked the length of the lace section a couple of times.  It had to be the same length as the stockinette section - not shorter and not longer.  As I closed in on my goal, I realized it was going to be hard to get an accurate measurement with the curled stockinette edge.  

At this point I decided the provisional cast on at the edge of the stockinette had to go.

I removed the waste yarn stitch by stitch.

With two sets of stitches on cables it was much easier to measure.

A perfect match.  The project was finished with a neat and tidy three needle bind off.

I had just enough time for a quick bath and a good blocking.

Ready to wrap.  My daughter requested this in Lillian Pumice and Desert Rose - her current colors of choice.  I had fun with this project and am mulling over the idea of making one for myself. Since I have other projects waiting in the wings, for now I'll add it to my list.

Over the last few weeks we've accumulated a growing collection of pine cones. Family members pick them up and bring them home to add to the pile. They are appropriate for the season and are my color inspiration for the week.

Shades of chocolate.

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