Friday, December 21, 2012

All The Pieces

I'm at the point in my holiday knitting where I have good progress on most of my projects.  I just need to pull everything together and put on the finishing touches.  I'm hoping that the weekend ahead holds plenty of uninterrupted, productive time.

A couple of the projects are in pieces - like this one.

Girlfriend Gift.  This is a sweet little headband.  The main part is finished, and I'm working on the decorative band.  Then with a little bit of assembly, it will be ready to gift.  This pattern boasts that it's a 2-hour project.  While I think it takes a little more than 2 hours, it is pretty quick.  And that's a good thing because I have to make another one.

Today we celebrate the winter solstice.  The darkness has gradually been wrapping itself around us for weeks.  Light is scarce, and I burn candles for a glimmer of brightness.  My color inspiration for the week.

A warm glow.

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