Monday, December 17, 2012

Now For The Fun

I think most knitters will agree that not every knitting project is fun from start to finish.  Sure, some projects are a blast from the cast on to the bind off, but most don't fall into that category.  Instead, many projects have a section that you have to slog through - that section of monotonous ribbing or endless garter.  The tedious part can be anywhere in the design, but once you get to the other side, the project is miraculously full of life again.  You can't imagine how you ever found the project boring, and you zip along to the finish line.

My current project (Brooklet, in case you were wondering) got off to a sluggish start.

All stockinette - over 260 stitches for over 6 inches.  There's something to be said for mindless knitting, but when I'm on a deadline I want interesting knitting so I don't dwell on the deadline.  Now I'm a fan of gray, but this is my second project in a week with this particular shade (Lillian Pumice).  Add to that the weather for the past several days has also been gray.  I was craving a bit of color.

And once I got past the stockinette, I was rewarded with some color.

Cheery pink and a lace motif.  My spirits are revived.  Let the fun begin.

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