Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally Friday

This has been one of those weeks.  Monday felt like Wednesday.  By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was convinced it was Friday. Now that Friday is finally here, I'm terribly confused.  Since the knitting elves are nowhere to be found, I've been staying up extra late and getting up extra early.  It may be wearing on me just a tad.

The only attention my holiday knitting list has been getting is that I added a couple things to it.  I convinced myself this is acceptable because I only added "small" items.  Before I can even pick up needles for holiday knitting, I have to finish this.

Birthday knitting.  My daughter's birthday is this weekend, and she specifically requested this cowl and this yarn.   Soft Cables Moebius in Lillian, colorway Pumice.  All mothers make sacrifices for their children.  Knitting is one of my sacrifices. 

Before we head into the weekend a PSA for NYS Sheep and Wool Festival aka Rhinebeck.  Show merchandise at Rhinebeck often sells out.  This year the hardworking event planners have reordered and restocked their online shop.  Quantities are limited, so don't delay in placing your order. 

I never tire of earth tones - so basic and subtle.  In the fall I look at dry leaves, and in my head I hear them.  My color inspiration for the week.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

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