Monday, June 25, 2012


We've had an aggressive summer cold making the rounds at my house.  The symptoms include watery eyes, continuous sniffling and extended fits of sneezing.  By extended fits of sneezing I mean sneezing 10 - 12 times in a row.  Sneezing so hard it feels like your eyes are going to pop out.  Once this cold grabs you, you must have a box of kleenex in your possession at all times.

No one in the house has escaped this cold.  Last week when I had a sore throat that came and went, I thought maybe that was it for me. After waiting on all the sick ones in the house, maybe my reward was just a minor irritation.  That was not to be the case.
Yesterday I felt the full force of this nasty, uninvited guest.  I awoke to several rounds of serious sneezing but was determined to make the most of it.  I would put my feet up, knit to my heart's content and ride out this crazy cold.  I was going to make lemonade out of lemons.

And I did . . . to some extent.  When I wasn't sneezing, blowing or dozing, I worked on a sock in progress.

This is Embossed Leaves with the heel turned.  It was shortly after this that I realized I didn't like the way the sock fit.  I love these socks and I've made the pattern before, but something wasn't right.  I'm annoyed with myself that I waited to turn the heel before admitting this.  On the other hand I'm proud of myself that I didn't confront the issue after I had knit the toe.  The sock has already been ripped out, and I have a new strategy.  I didn't have the heart to start over yesterday, but I will be casting on again today.  I'm not abandoning the project.

When one project hits the skids, it's often helpful to cast on something new right away.  It helps keep morale up.

In between sneezing and dozing I worked on this. It may not look like much, but let me just point out that there are many stitches on fairly small needles - one row takes a lot of time.  This was the best medicine. There's nothing like a new project to lift my spirits.

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Taos Sunflower said...

Sorry to hear you've been hit so hard by such a tenacious cold. I highly recommend lemon juice, honey and a splash of Cointreau in hot water. If it doesn't make you feel better, at least it will put you to sleep!