Monday, June 4, 2012

Frolic Fun

I'm in a fog this Monday morning, recovering from Fiber Frolic.  It was a fun weekend on many levels.  The weekend in pictures . . .

Animals, of course.

A baby cashmere goat from Black Locust Farm.  If only they would stay this little.

Bags and bags of fleece.

Fiber Frolic features a diverse selection of vendors.

Susan from Weaving a Life had stunning woven masks.  Follow the link to read more about her work and her weaving.

Woven earrings also made by Susan.

Whimsical sheep from Designs by Lynn Holaday.

Spindles from Autumn Hollow Farm.

There were goodies in the used equipment barn.

This loom looked like it came out of grandma's attic.

And this hand crank skein winder would give you a workout.

Half the fun of these events is meeting new and interesting people. Cindy and Katie from primitive stuff attracted a lot of people with their looms.  They were giving demonstrations all weekend long.

I had an interesting discussion with Pete Feeney on buying local and sustainable living.  Pete is with The Long Branch School and General Store.  They work to promote local businesses and self-sufficient skills through classes and a storefront. 

The rainy weather held off until Sunday when we had a good dose of raw, wet New England weather.

There was enough rain to form a small lake by the barns.

And now it's Monday.  It's great to start a new week after a weekend full of fun and inspiration.

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