Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm still enamored of the Rhinebeck Mitten KAL (Ravelry link).

One mitten finished.

Waiting for a thumb.

The blue strand of yarn will be removed to make way for the thumb.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this KAL with pattern clues released at regular intervals.  This project has given me a sense of order in the midst of chaos.  Up until now I had a comfortable rhythm with this project. When a clue was released, I would work it immediately and then pick up another project while I waited for the next clue.  It was like homework, except I was caught up.

The most recent clue was released just the other day.  I got on it and finished the top of the mitten in no time.  All that's left is the thumb, but I'm waiting on the clue.  Instead of turning to another project while I wait, I decided to keep the momentum of this one going.

The second mitten is well on its way.  I'm about to add a strand of waste yarn for the left hand thumb.  With any luck these two mittens will be finished at about the same time, and I will have avoided second mitten syndrome.

In other news . . . the website has been updated to include a couple of new kits - Brooklet Scarf Kit and wee Austin Hoodie Kit.  You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the wee Austin.

And Lillian has been updated with some new colors - Desert Rose, Gooseberry and Wheat.  These colors debuted this spring, and I finally posted them to the website.  Take a peek at this Catkin (Ravelry link) to see Desert Rose and Gooseberry in action.

That's enough news for one day.  I have a mitten that needs my attention.