Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just To Be Safe

I have a new project idea that's been percolating for quite a while. Since my travel schedule isn't quite as hectic as it was, I decided that now would be a good time to move this project off the back burner.

Once I make the decision to start a new project, I want to start it now. This project is a bit more involved because I have to dye the yarn first. That's not really an issue - just a slight detour in starting now.  I dye yarn every day, so one more pot isn't going to make a difference.

Then I started thinking this through, and it's the thinking that caused the delay.  This project uses 3 different needle sizes.  I'm not using the suggested yarn, but I am using a yarn that's close . . . sort of. Different size needles, different yarn - what if the yarn doesn't work for this project?  I have a vision of how this project is going to work up. What if it flops because I'm using the wrong yarn?

After thinking a bit more I came up with a logical, obvious solution. Swatch before I dye the yarn.  I had an odd ball of this yarn taking up space on my desk and cast on for a quick swatch.  If the yarn wasn't going to work, I could save myself the trouble of dyeing it and start searching for a substitute.

Now I'm ready to move forward with this project.  I swatched with 4 needle sizes, and this yarn is working up just as I had envisioned. Next up . . . the dye pot.

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