Friday, April 1, 2011

Tower Mill Shawl

The other day I finished Tower Mill Shawl.  It's been a crazy busy week with not many opportunities to take photos, so the shawl spent a day with me running errands.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of photos between stops.

This shawl is a cozy, versatile wrap.  It's perfect to wear out.  Or stay in and snuggle up with a good book.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Marie, colorway Pea Pod.  Marie has a bit of cashmere which makes for a smooth, soft knit.  I can't seem to get enough of this yarn and will have to plan another project with it.

Here's a peek at my latest sock.

I was planning to make a simple ribbed sock, but then I stumbled across Jeck.  Jeck uses a modified rib - a little something to keep it interesting.

Today is the last day for the Change Of Seasons Contest.  There's still time.  Leave a comment and enter to win.

This week I was outside looking for colorful signs of spring.  All I found were the remnants of winter.  I know that the crocuses have popped, but I have yet to see one.  My color inspiration for this week is tightly wrapped and hidden.

Buds waiting to burst.


Vickie said...

Thanks for the link to Jeck! I had not seen it before and it's exactly what I'm looking for today. I purchased a lovely, more complicated pattern from the new Twist Collective this morning, but it just doesn't feel like the right day to start it. With the ever-changing weather, I think I need simple and rhythmic. So, thanks again!

Vickie said...

PS - the shawl is beautiful! That green just sings spring!

Karen said...

Great shawl. Love the way the rib edge joins the pattern.

I have crocuses next to my driveway, so feel free to pull in and take a look as soon as this four inches of "on the rain side of the rain/snow line" melts!