Monday, April 25, 2011

Hidden Danger

When I'm in the middle of a dyeing run, I'm usually quite focused. There are orders to fill, inventory to re-stock, new samples to plan for. I start by making a "to dye" list with the most urgent colorways at the top.  I work my way through the list, checking off each colorway when it's done.  It's an efficient system that works for me.

But there are hidden dangers to dyeing yarn.  Every once in a while I stray from that list.  I'll be thinking about various patterns while I'm dyeing - considering different yarn bases and color options. What would work, what wouldn't.  And then, in the blink of an eye, three things will come together - pattern, yarn and colorway.  Before I know what's happened, I'm prepping to dye yarn for myself.  Do I need a new project?  No, not really.  Do I have yarn in my stash waiting to be used?  Most definitely.

I can only attribute this sudden flurry of creative activity to the combination of wool and dye fumes.  Recently I had such an episode.

It left me with a sweater's worth of Marie.  I'm doing my best to recover by knitting it up.

It was a colorful, relaxed weekend with just the right mix of work and family time.  These chicks were here for a short visit.

They didn't stay long.  No, I didn't make them.  While I have loads of patience for untangling yarn, I don't have any for decorating baked goods.

And there were colored eggs.

Some subtle.

Some vibrant.

Shades of red.

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