Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Risky Business

The other night I proved once again that late night knitting can be risky business.  I was making great progress (or so I thought), but when I called it a day, I had a sinking feeling something was off.  Maybe it was my stitch count.  Maybe it was the pattern repeats.  I went to bed and told myself I would sort it out in the morning.

Once again my intuition was right.  In the light of day I realized what the problem was.  I had finished one color the night before.  I was determined to keep going, so I picked another color and knit for a while longer.  The problem was I grabbed the wrong color.

I didn't hesitate.  I ripped out several rows and got busy with the right color.

Now I'm making up for lost time.  

Lesson learned.  Always listen to my intuition.

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