Monday, May 29, 2017

Just a Splash

I've been on a roll with a bit of spring cleaning around the house, and apparently it spilled over into my knitting.  The other day I pulled out a languishing sock project, shook off the dust and got busy.  I never understand why a sock project gets left behind (who doesn't love something small, portable, easy to knit), but it happens.

This particular sock had a couple issues.  Apparently I'd been in a hurry and didn't tuck the needles properly because some of the stitches were in a free fall.  After rescuing the stitches and figuring out where I was in the pattern, I was good to go.

As I was knitting the leg, I decided to spice things up with a little splash of color.

This is Movie Night Sock with a contrasting heel.  I must have been feeling very adventurous because I strayed from my usual heel turn and used something different.  Suddenly this project is fun and interesting again.  Hopefully it won't bring my spring cleaning to a halt.

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