Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Knitting Emergency

The other day I had an emergency request.  My son is getting ready for a big trip, and he thought it would be nice to have a new hat.  "Mom, do you think you can get it done in time?"  Of course.  He didn't ask for a Doctor Who Scarf or a sweater - just a simple hat.  No problem.

My rule for holiday knitting is that I'm only knitting for those who make a specific request.  My son's request is pre-holiday, but otherwise it fits my rule to a T.  Since the request came with a time constraint, I put my other projects aside and got busy.

My son leaves today, so yesterday he checked in on the progress of his hat.  "You're not going to get it done in time, are you."  I assured him I didn't have that much knitting left, and there was still plenty of time.  Never underestimate the power of late-night knitting.  Yes, the hat would be ready.

And it is.  

This morning I completed the decrease rounds, cinched up the top and wove in the ends.  The pattern is Rikke Hat - soft, cushy garter with an easy fitting style.  The yarn is Marie, colorway Slate.  This gray color matches the day and picture taking was a challenge, but you get the general idea.  Later today my son and his new hat will be off on an international adventure.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

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