Monday, December 12, 2016

Third Time's a Charm

Well I made the most of my weekend bonus knitting time.  I've been struggling with a pair of mittens for the Hand Along running in my knitting group.  I need new mittens so motivation isn't the issue, but I'm not crazy about the pattern I chose.  I ripped it out once because I didn't like the color and started again with a different color. 

I was making decent progress until I tried it on this weekend.  I debated about this pattern in the first place.  There were some red flags in the notes on the Ravelry pattern page, but I ignored them.  I convinced myself I would like the fit.  Well, I don't.  It took one more try-on for me to admit I wasn't going to wear these mittens.  I pulled out the needles and ripped it all out.

Without wasting any time, I found a different pattern and cast on with the same yarn.

Frost Farm Mittens.  I miss the beautiful cables from the other pattern, but these mitts are a better fit.  And that's the important part.

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