Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Here's an Idea . . .

I've been struggling to find my holiday spirit this year.  The rush is on now, and I haven't lifted a finger to do any decorating or baking.  I had some help earlier in the week when my son and his girlfriend put lights up around the house.  We did get a tree yesterday, but it's still outside. I need to put clean and rearrange living room on my to-do list  to make room for said tree.  All of that is going to take a bigger block of time than I have available right now.

We celebrated one December birthday and have another one coming up this weekend.  That will involve more planning, preparation, cooking and shopping.  The kids have talked about baking on more than one occasion and I was hopeful it might actually happen, but so far we don't have one cookie in our possession.  I bought all the necessary ingredients.  Maybe I should put the recipes on the counter to see if I can jumpstart the process.

Clearly I need to make efficient use of my time if I'm going to pull everything together.  This is one step in that direction.

A Coloring Book for Knitters.

I got a few of these for the knitters on my holiday list.  Yes, I also got one for myself, but I put it away.  This is no time for distractions. 

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Karen Budnick said...

Oh yeah, with cookies to bake, I'd put that thing in the back of my closet! I feel your pain - my husband's birthday is this week-end. I ask him every year what his mother was thinking...I see dust webs that need to be uninstalled before company comes. And I made the brilliant decision to make Ruth Reichl's giant chocolate cake for his birthday. Busy, busy! Have a wonderful time!