Monday, November 2, 2015

At the Finish Line

After a jam-packed weekend, I'm actually looking forward to Monday and my crazy work schedule.  From Halloween to Day of the Dead, it was a party weekend.

Estrella was our official greeter on Halloween night.  That's not a
mask - it's all makeup.  We didn't have enough trick or treaters, or maybe we just bought too much candy.  Anyway now the kids are working through the leftovers.  

On Sunday we celebrated Day of the Dead with our traditional family meal.  From tacos to apple strudel we covered all the bases.  The conversation turned to family trees, and before long my son was poking around online . . . hours of entertainment digging up long lost relatives and piecing together bits and pieces of family history.

To add to the mix, Estrella also scheduled back-to-back half marathons on Saturday and Sunday.

That meant I had a lot of waiting knitting time on my hands.  

I crossed my own finish line with another project.

Leaving Cowl.

If you're looking ahead to the holidays, you might want to put this little number on your list of quick and easy gift ideas.

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