Friday, November 13, 2015

Change of Plans

The other day I had yarn and a pattern and was ready to start a new project.  I had a little extra time on my hands, so before I actually cast on, I decided to poke around on Ravelry for a bit.  I had an idea for a completely different project and wanted to check out the details.

It didn't take much time to find the information I was looking for, but, as so often happens, one click led to another and before long I was considering a different pattern for the yarn in front of me.  If I had cast on before I had opened up Ravelry, I probably wouldn't have considered switching patterns.  But since my needles were still empty, I had just enough wiggle room to contemplate something else.

My dilemma was compounded by the fact that I might not have enough yarn for the new pattern.  I would definitely have to make it shorter than the pattern suggested, so I would save some yardage there.  And I could make the pockets out of contrasting yarn or not make them at all - more yardage saved.  I did more calculations and went back and forth umpteen times.

In the end I decided to try the new pattern.  After all that number crunching, this pattern would nag me.  I'm just getting started, so I don't know yet if my numbers are lying.  If they are, I can always rip it out.  

My color inspiration for this week . . . 

Perfect pink.

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